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Overall Solution

This is the place to start your journey. In just 9 minutes, during the full solution overview you'll learn how BillingPlatform can help you:

  • Establish, price and package subscription billing
  • Configure products and accounts for your business
  • Process billing, apply payments and manages invoices
  • Discover insights into your customers and a clear picture of your business health


Go one step deeper from the Overall Solution tour with our Revenue Recognition overview. You'll learn how the standard revenue management tasks can help you:

  • Act as your revenue recognition sub-ledger to handle even very complex recognition requirements
  • Configure pricing, rating and revenue recognition rules for every product in your catalog
  • Define parameters down to the customer contract level
  • Get full visibility into your GL revenue with trend and waterfall reports
  • Ensure compliance with ASC 606 / IFRS 15


Go one step deeper from the Overall Solution tour with our Collections overview. You'll learn how BillingPlatform's standard Collection tasks can help you:

  • Reduce collection cycles and improve overall cash flow
  • Easily see tasks that are past due, due today and completed
  • Analyze performance of past collection scenarios to dynamically deploy the most effective strategies
  • Automate collections tasks when action is needed
  • Get a comprehensive view of every customer's collection strategy