BillingPlatform APIs

BillingPlatform APIs Deliver Automation at Scale

Automate Critical Financial Capabilities

BillingPlatform’s built-in APIs allow critical front and back-office applications to connect directly with your billing system. Our interfaces help you simplify and automate complex billing scenarios, such as usage mediation and record updates. This means you avoid creating manual user interfaces for critical applications. Your financial connections will operate smoothly with BillingPlatform’s APIs.

SOAP and REST APIs Designed for Your Business

Leverage the APIs to connect key systems like SAP, Peoplesoft, and NetSuite for input as well as output of data. The APIs we provide allow you to create a seamless ecosystem that flexes to meet your needs and streamlines everything from sales to provisioning to accounting – dramatically reducing errors and revenue leaks along the way.

BillingPlatform has a unique approach to extending the financial ecosystem. Our APIs leverage metadata to externalize the data model for database-style access using SOAP and REST protocols. This means that every new entity you create includes APIs and bulk load interfaces. Rather than relying on preset access to a subset of objects and functions, BillingPlatform’s metadata approach ensures compatibility with every object.

This straightforward approach makes integrated rating, billing and reporting flexible, scalable and easy.

Complex Business Made Simple

BillingPlatform APIs operate as extensions of your standard and custom data model for every object, enabling execution of the following operations:

  • Create
  • Retrieve
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Query
  • Upsert

These operations, coupled with your organization’s data model and objects, serve as powerful building-blocks for a dynamic and flexible Web service integration.

Highlighted Customer Scenarios

Existing BillingPlatform customers leverage our APIs for multiple use cases. Many use the APIs to integrate with their CRM to automate the quote to cash process from initial leads to billing. Other, more complex customers have established account management and downstream subscription management with their ERP; in effect leveraging BillingPlatform as a fully automated general ledger and sub ledger.

The agility delivered by BillingPlatform’s API connections allows you to customize common financial workflows through automated updates, driving increased efficiencies and limiting manual errors. From charging and order processing to checking inventory, BillingPlatform makes these business and financial processes simple.

Prepared for Business

Our flexible platform can also extend the capabilities of our system to achieve more throughout your financial ecosystem. BillingPlatform has built-in support for the following:

  • SAML 2.0 (Both as a SP and IDP)
  • SOAP Web Services
  • REST Web Services (Inbound and Outbound)
  • FTP and SFTP for Flat-file integrations
  • Data Integration mapping and scheduling tools for high-volume, file-based integrations for any Object or Entity in the system
  • File-based usage collection and mediation from an unlimited number of sources
  • Various, ad-hoc, HTTP call-out capabilities trigger-able through workflow

All the customizations or configurations made within the application are immediately exposed to built-in, dynamic SOAP and REST APIs and available for mapping in usage collection and mediation

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